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Operations Management Consulting in Chicago, IL
The implementation of efficient and effective business processes and a tireless commitment to execution lies at the foundation of every success.

Midwest Business Consulting specializes in Operations Management, Continuous Improvement, and Business Process Re-engineering. We understand the challenges and pitfalls facing businesses in today's highly competitive, global economy. Leaders must not only continually adapt business practices to keep their teams performing at ever increasing levels - they must outperform and often outbid competitors concurrently.

Whatever your business needs, Midwest Business Consulting can help. We're experts at developing new operations, assessing existing operations for waste and vulnerabilities and implementing practical and cost-effective solutions to mitigate problems, neutralize threats and capitalize on both realized and unrealized opportunities.

Operations Management & Optimization

With the economy trending in a positive direction, competition is heating up and businesses, both small and large, must employ every strategy at their disposal to keep their competitive edge. Rapidly growing businesses who fail to keep operational plans current with growth, industry trends and customer needs will inevitably be forced to contend with dwindling margins, excessive rework, increased costs, dissatisfied clients and poor employee morale. MBC is well versed in helping companies of all sizes assess strengths and weaknesses in current operations and map out well-defined strategies to exploit opportunities and overcome weaknesses in Chicago, IL.

Corporate Financial and Accounting Controls

In the wake of headlines during the first decade of the 21st century, the importance of internal financial and accounting controls has become increasingly evident. CEOs have obligations to shareholders such that they must ensure proper financial controls are in place - from budgets and accounting practices to signature authority levels and funding requirements. MBC is experienced in drafting and implementing effective and efficient financial and accounting 'checks and balances' to provide senior management and boards with efficient oversight tools. Whatever your business needs, MBC stands ready to deploy accounting professionals and CPAs to assist your team in developing custom solutions in Chicago, IL to meet your operational needs.

Non-Profit Executive Oversight

Whether mobilizing a new operation or strengthening an existing one, Boards and Executive Directors must ensure they're properly managing the affairs of the organization in Chicago, IL. New non-profits must file Articles of Incorporation, draft bylaws and elect directors. Annual meetings must be appropriately scheduled and documented, official actions taken by boards must be formally recorded by resolution or majority in interest and records must be appropriately maintained. Non-profits must adhere to strict accounting and reporting regulations and tax returns must be filed correctly to avoid penalties and maintain respective non-profit status.

MBC is experienced in establishing and managing non-profit operations in Chicago, IL. Let our team of professionals help you put the proper oversight controls in place to manage your non-profit. MBC provides services ranging from non-profit consulting, public relations and stakeholder mediation to full executive oversight.

Preventive Maintenance Programs, Maintenance Programming and Optimization

The MBC Team has vast experience planning, mobilizing, and managing a wide range of mission-critical Operation and Maintenance (O&M) divisions, optimizing existing maintenance and facilities management operations, mobilizing Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), and developing and deploying effective operating plans. The benefits of an optimized maintenance operation are myriad and include reduced operating costs and downtimes, optimized preventive maintenance schedules and inventories, efficient storage and retrieval of information to support management decisions and effective insulation from costly litigation. Contact us today to learn more about maintenance management consulting in Chicago, IL.

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