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Keeping up with technology is not an option. In today's highly-competitive, global marketplace, businesses must adapt or face obsoletion.

As technology continues to transform the way business gets done - increasing productivity to unprecedented levels - companies must ensure they're adequately situated to compete, regardless of vertical or market position. Perhaps even more important than competing today, businesses must remain agile enough to continually adapt to and adopt the constantly changing technology of tomorrow. In light of the speed at which technology is evolving - exponentially faster each year - this is no easy feat.

The IT professionals at MBC can help - we're standing by to ensure your business is appropriately positioned to compete, operations are streamlined to run efficiently, customers can find and order your goods and services easily and your critical data is secure from malice and protected against loss.

Network Design & Installation

Looking to get your computer network up to date? The IT professionals at MBC can help.

A properly designed local area network (LAN) provides for the efficient storage and retrieval of data and supports effective access control, ensuring the right information is available at the right locations at the right time. We work closely with clients to understand core requirements and design secure network and server solutions to meet business needs. Whether you're looking for a Virtual Private Network (VPN), common file server, or computing in the cloud, we tap the best resources in the industry to bring cost effective solutions to our clients.

Business Systems IT Integration

As companies grow to the next level and markets and competitive strategies shift, managers must remain ever cognizant of evolving IT trends. From servers and networks to efficient spreadsheets, pivot tables to analyze data and custom CRM / database solutions - let MBC help harness the power of myriad forms of Information Technology to streamline your operations. Our team will work hand in hand with your staff to determine the most efficient use of technology as it relates to your specific operating model. We help clients specify hardware and software requirements, source services and equipment, integrate solutions across the business and offer valuable training and on-going support.

Data / Disaster Recovery Solutions

In today's computer age, businesses large and small rely on the efficient storage and retrieval of electronic data. Until recently, few businesses considered the impact to operations should {when} those integral IT Systems fail. Loss of vital company records, operational downtime, compromised customer information and a marred company reputation are among a few of the most common but avoidable consequences. Fortunately, business owners are beginning to recognize their operational dependence on IT, highlighting the need for effective security protocols, data backup and restoration procedures, and business continuity plans.

Let the IT professionals at MBC tailor a custom protection plan to meet your business needs – we work closely with clients to fully understand operational needs and recommend and deploy effective security and data integrity solutions.

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