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Information Technology Management in Chicago, IL
MBC can help you integrate modern IT Solutions with your business to support productivity, connectivity, information management and empower your teams with better decision-making models.

Midwest Business Consulting is pleased to offer clients a full range of IT consulting services in Chicago, IL geared toward integrating modern IT Solutions with business to support productivity, connectivity, information management, security and empower business owners with better decision making models.

The MBC value-model relies on a developed network of highly knowledgeable and accomplished IT professionals, brought together on a project-by-project basis to support many client projects. Our approach ensures we’re able to recruit the best teams, integrate client-preferred-vendors with the project, bring team members on at the appropriate project phase, and disperse those team segments when their respective services have been fulfilled. This flexibility allows us to remove overhead while retaining the best talent - the result is superior outcomes at a reasonable cost.

Trust the professionals at MBC to help you discover new ways to capitalize on technology to enable your Team to improve and grow your business. Some of the IT consulting services MBC offers include:

Business Systems IT Integration

As companies strive grow to their operations to the next level while contending with shifting markets and competition, managers must remain ever cognizant of evolving IT trends. From servers and networks to efficient spreadsheets, pivot tables to rapidly analyze data and custom CRM / database solutions - let MBC help harness the power of the myriad forms of Information Technology in Chicago, IL to streamline your operations. Our team will work hand in hand with your staff to determine the most efficient use of technology as it relates to your specific operating model. We help clients specify hardware and software requirements, source services and equipment, integrate solutions across the business and offer valuable training and on-going support.

Digital Footprint Management and SEO Consulting

Of all the IT trends that have come and gone, one trend has continued to build steam so that it has become so ingrained in our daily lives it’s hard to imagine how we got along without – I’m talking about the all-knowing, Omnipresent Internet. If you’re reading this paragraph, chances are you’re well aware of this trend. Just as you found this page, your potential customers are searching for you and your services. As if business owners didn’t have enough plates to keep spinning, they now have to shift focus to their ‘digital footprint’.

Digital footprint refers to your business’ online presence as well as the ability for your company and services to be found by your customers and your ability to stay connected with that customer base. Establishing an effective online presence takes time and resources. At a minimum, business owners will want to secure a professional domain and create professional email addresses that demonstrate that your company is legitimate. You’ll also need to develop and maintain a professional website that allows you to be found, tells customers about your products and services and includes a call to action such as: Call Midwest Business Consulting today to learn more about establishing your online presence!

Next, in order to ensure that customers are able to find your website, you’ll need to think about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As competition continues to reach new heights, the web – once disregarded by many small business owners – has become the last frontier for reaching new customers. As the name implies, Search Engine Optimization helps business owners customize their websites to optimize their content and code for search engines. The result of these efforts affects your website’s rankings with the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Etc. Think about the last time you went to the 2nd page of Google to find a product you were looking for. For the ambitious and tech savvy, you’ll want to consider additional exposure for you website via the myriad social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. These outlets help keep you connected with customers to tell them about new products, services, features and sales.

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. The ubiquity of the internet today affords business owners unprecedented marketing power – the catch, however is that your clients and customers wield that same power. The result of this new frontier – you, the business owner, must regularly search for online reviews for your business on sites such as Google+, Thumbtack and Twitter and mitigate or at the very least validate any negative feedback and comments. Keep this in mind – whether you read your online reviews or not, you customers will.

Through our strategic partner, Kickfox, Midwest Business Consulting maintains a professional and highly experienced marketing team to help your business brand navigate the constantly changing digital world.

Network Design & Installation

Looking to get your computer network up to date? The IT professionals at MBC can help.

A properly designed local area network (LAN) provides for the efficient storage and retrieval of data and supports effective access control, ensuring the right information is available at the right locations at the right time. We work closely with clients to understand core requirements and design secure network and server solutions to meet business needs. Whether you're looking for a Virtual Private Network (VPN), common file server, or computing in the cloud, we tap the best resources in the industry to bring cost effective solutions to our clients.

Data / Disaster Recovery Solutions

In today's computer age, businesses large and small rely on the efficient storage and retrieval of electronic data. Until recently, few businesses considered the impact to operations should {when} those integral IT Systems fail. Loss of vital company records, operational downtime, compromised customer information and a marred company reputation are among a few of the most common but avoidable consequences. Fortunately, business owners are beginning to recognize their operational dependence on IT, highlighting the need for effective security protocols, data backup and restoration procedures, and business continuity plans.

Let the IT professionals at MBC tailor a custom protection plan in Chicago, IL to meet your business needs – we work closely with clients to fully understand operational needs and recommend and deploy effective security and data integrity solutions.

Call Midwest Business Consulting today to learn more about our IT consulting services!

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