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Military Veteran-Owned Small Business Certification

Most units of government (i.e. federal, state, county, city, etc.) as well as entities and projects funded by government agencies maintain some form of procurement goals. If you are an honorably discharged veteran and you own a business that sells goods or services which the government may be interested in buying, this article is for you.

Foundations of a Lean Enterprise

The key to developing a successful and sustainable business is to maintain a tireless focus on strategically increasing profitability while improving the quality of products or services, and ultimately customer loyalty.

Building Successful Partnerships

Every good business relationship begins with a solid understanding of what the relationship will look like. When evaluating a partnering opportunity, you should carefully consider each partner-to-be. If you're considering a business partnership, or currently part of one, this article is for you!

Power Network like a Pro!

One of the most basic, but essential skills for any business owner is developing a robust professional network. While most professionals acknowledge the importance of networking, few actually do it, and even fewer do it well.

5S Method - A Clean Path to a Better Success!

The “5S” methodology is a building block of a lean organization that was first proposed in Japan as a series of activities intended to foster an organized workplace. If you’ve wondered what 5S is and how it might apply to your business, this introductory article is for you!

Gap Analysis

It’s not uncommon for a business, small or large, to discover that operations aren’t exactly where they should be and a change is needed. Gap Analysis is a tried-and-true approach to designing effective change management strategies to move an organization closer to its stated goals.

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