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Midwest Business Consulting specializes in Commercial Aviation Management, including Airline Consortiums and Ground Support Equipment Operation and Maintenance. Whatever your needs - let MBC Help get your operation off the ground.

As a consulting firm founded by a long-time veteran of the commercial aviation consulting sector, Midwest Business Consulting offers clients a unique and in-depth expertise that has propelled several airports and maintenance operations into the national spotlight as industry leaders. In addition to the expertise we bring to the table, we're supported by a developed network of aviation industry leaders.

Our highly-skilled team has expertise managing a wide variety of commercial aviation operations and projects including airline consortiums, passenger assistance services, Ground Support Equipment (GSE) operations, new terminal and terminal renovation programs and airport rates and charges modeling. Whatever your aviation business needs, the MBC Team is standing by to help get your operations off the ground. Some of the aviation consulting services MBC offers include:

Airline equipment and Service Consortiums

The airline consortium is a non-profit company formed by a number of participating airlines to oversee a set of collective interests at a given airport. The model enables airlines, of all operational sizes, to exploit tremendous efficiencies which would otherwise not be possible. These gained efficiencies, (realized by the way of reduced staffing needs, smaller inventories, condensed requirements for operating space, fewer tools and equipment, etc.), are substantial and benefit airports, airlines and passengers alike.

During the past 15 years, more airlines and airports have looked to implement consortiums as means to drastically increase profits, improve equipment performance, mitigate legal exposure, create safer operating environments and improve passenger satisfaction. MBC has more than 12 years' experience overseeing every aspect of airline consortiums from feasibility studies to operations - our services include;

GSE Procurement, Installation/Mobilization & Maintenance

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) covers a wide variety of mission critical systems which supported more than 18 Million commercial flights and nearly 1.1 Billion passengers in 2012 alone. The value of safe and properly working GSE is often overlooked in the hectic day-to-day operations at most airports as stations and operations managers battle the 'fires' of the day. However, the costs associated with employee or passenger injuries, equipment-down time, premature equipment failure / replacement, resulting damage to aircraft and/or other property can be significant.

Midwest Business Consulting specializes in developing and optimizing equipment maintenance programs. Our systems have been developed and fine-tuned for more than a decade and bring together the thoroughness of US Military maintenance inspection programs with the present-day budget and operating constraints of the commercial aviation industry. Some of the 'low hanging fruit' of efficient maintenance programs include reduced inventories, streamlined Preventive Maintenance Systems, effective maintenance ticketing systems, lower operating costs, improved equipment uptime, extended equipment lifetimes, fewer employee injuries and lowered insurance / legal expenses.

Whether your operation is mature or in the planning phase, trust the expert staff at MBC to assist in evaluating your GSE operations and developing or revalidating your operating and contingency plans to ensure that your service department or contractor is maximizing the value of your maintenance budget. MBC is pleased to offer unparalleled consulting services for all aspects of the GSE lifecycle including procurement, installation/mobilization and operations and maintenance. Some of the GSE Systems we service include:

O&M Business Units

As a firm specializing in aviation management and maintenance operations, MBC has in-depth experience building highly-successful O&M operations at major airports around the country. While significant portions of our methods are transferrable and scalable, we acknowledge the age-old adage, "If you've seen one airport… you've seen one airport" – let the experts at Midwest Business Consulting help tailor your O&M model to the exact needs of your operation; from 15 flights to 150 flights, MBC is standing by to support your growth. Some of the services we offer include;

Airport Rates & Charges Consulting

When considering the complexity of the Airport operating environment and the variation in Airline operations (and respective interests) it's no wonder Airport Finance is such a complicated and often hotly-debated topic.

Capital or operating budget? Airfield or terminal cost center? Assess fees per passenger or per-turn? PFC / ADF eligible? Where will we get the greatest return for our money? What are the main tradeoffs between proposals A and B? What is the Return on Investment (ROI) for a given project and where is the break-even point?

While financial models can vary from airport to airport, trust the experts at MBC to help guide decisions, facilitate effective communications, and develop accurate operating budgets. Our services include;

Airline / Airport Services:

Midwest Business Consulting has experience developing and managing successful airline / airport support services as stand-alone operations or as part of a collective interest (i.e. Airline Consortiums, Terminal Consortiums, etc.). Our team has developed and supported a wide range of highly-successful operations from every operational aspect including creating new strategies, developing staffing models, training and staff development, RFP creation, evaluation and selection, mobilizing new operations and implementing financial and operating controls and reporting metrics. Some of the operations we have developed and managed include;

As seasoned aviation professionals with a number of successful projects under our belt, we're highly adept at navigating projects of all sizes through the often complex environment present at many airports. A continuous spotlight on the proper initiation and planning of project goals, execution of scope and active monitoring and controlling of project objectives enables MBC to guarantee successful project outcomes time and again.

The shared successes of these project teams often forges productive and lasting relationships between MBC, port authorities, regulatory agencies, and airline partners.

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